Multimedia and Films

"Afghanistan: Drawdown" was filmed in Panjwayi district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan in April/May 2013. The film looks at the ongoing US withdrawal from the war, and what that departure means for the Afghan police, soldiers and civilians left behind to face the ever present Taliban threat.

“Afghanistan: An army prepares” was filmed in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul and Helmand province in Oct/Nov 2012. It examines the Afghan National Army and asks if they are really ready to hold the line after the West’s departure in 2014.

“Kabul: City of hope and fear” was filmed in Aug/Sept 2012. Looking at the political, economic, and security situations in the capital, the film examines what the people of Kabul see in their future.

The Winter War was filmed in Nov/Dec 2011 in the frozen peaks of Afghanistan’s Kunar province, where a ferocious clash for supremacy was being fought between the US army and the Taliban amid the mountaintops.

Sudan: War and independence was filmed in June/July 2011 in the war torn state of South Kordofan, where aerial bombardment and ground attacks by the Sudanese Armed Forces had driven the Nuba people to the brink of destruction.

“Endgame?” was filmed in April/May 2011 in the Arghandab valley in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, during what is traditionally the start of “Fighting Season.” The surge was in full effect, and everyone was waiting to see what US President Obama would do next. Just weeks later, he announced that US troops would leave within two years.

“Bahrain: Fighting for change“ was filmed in February/March 2011 as violence erupted on the streets of the small island Kingdom, and unrest swept through the Middle East in what was to become known as the Arab Spring.