Caught in the crossfire, Afghanistan 2007

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JDM070514_07 Ambush.jpg
US Embedded Tactical Trainer (ETT) Master Sergeant Best (L) and the Commander of 1st Company, 2nd Kandak, 201st Corps, Afghan National Army (ANA) listen to the radio at their blocking position near Kamu outpost in Nuristan Privince, north-east Afghanistan, 14 May 2007 during a joint ANA / US mission. The radio traffic is alerting all forces of an on-going TIC (Troops in Contact - a firefight) and is calling for help. Within the hour Best's ANA/ETT unit would be called upon to act as a Quick Reaction Force to the nearby ambush, and would get caught up in a major firefight. By the end of the day there were 15 ANA dead, 4 wounded, and one believed captured by insurgents. 6 US personnel and 1 Irish photographer were also wounded during the fight. (John D McHugh)