About John D McHugh - Multimedia Photojournalist

John D McHugh is a multimedia photojournalist and filmmaker based in London, UK.

Originally a daily press photographer, McHugh worked as a regular stringer for The Associated Press and The Guardian before taking a staff photographer position with Agence-France Presse. Since 2007 he has been freelance again and is represented by Reportage by Getty Images.

Since 2006 he has worked extensively in Afghanistan, covering the war against the Taliban. He has embedded with US, Canadian, British, Danish and Afghan troops. In May 2007 he was on a joint US/Afghan Army patrol in Nuristan that was ambushed. McHugh was shot in the chest. 6 months later he returned to Afghanistan.

In 2008 McHugh was commissioned to produce a multimedia project for The Guardian. He spent several months under fire on the Pakistan border in Afghanistan with US and Afghan soldiers, producing photographs, audio slideshows, and films.

As the Arab Spring swept the Middle East in early 2011, Al Jazeera English sent McHugh to Bahrain, to make his first half hour documentry. Since then he has made 5 more films for them, one in Sudan and 4 in Afghanistan.

McHugh also works in Advertising, and has shot for international brands and clients including Guinness, Carlsberg, Heinz, and Gibson Guitars amongst many others. He also makes films for NGOs.

2005 - McHugh was selected by The Picture Editors' Awards for a Special Award for News Photographer of the Year.
2007 - He won the Frontline Club Award, which focuses "on journalistic integrity, courage and the independence of spirit, regardless of nationality or media discipline."
2009 - McHugh was a finalist in the Rory Peck Award for News for his film Combat Outpost.

McHugh is available for commission for photographic, multimedia, and filming projects, anywhere in the world.